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Why is Blogging Such a Popular Pastime?

Tuesday 10 December 2013, by

A blog (“web-log”) is a website or page on which an individual writes posts (or posts pictures or videos) about topics which interest them.  Blogging continues to rise in popularity each year, with 31% more bloggers today than there were three years ago.  40% of blogs are from businesses and professional bloggers, 60% of bloggers are hobby bloggers who “blog for fun” and do not report any income from it.

The most active blogging age group are aged 21 to 35 years but there is contradictory evidence whether more men or women blog.  Most blogs are updated 2-3 times a week and bloggers admit to devoting 1-3 hours of their weekly time to maintaining it.  Hobby bloggers often use blogs to speak their mind on an area of interest (31%) and express their “personal musings” or simply to share their passions.  Their main success metric is personal satisfaction (61%).

Blogging has become a big part of many peoples internet browsing with 77% of internet users claiming they read blogs and 46% of people reading blogs more than once each day.  People like the personal voice and accessibility that blogs offer.  Individuals believe blogs over direct sales information and 26% admit making final purchasing decisions based on the advice of influential bloggers.

Nowadays people can find blogs on every topic imaginable and use them to decide whether to visit local restaurants, where to visit or go on holiday, what car or product to buy, how to solve a technical issue and even to provide inspiration for their wedding day.

On a personal level it is reported that blogging can have a positive impact on your life and boost self-esteem. 54% of respondents agree that they have made friends through their blog and we have heard many positive stories about people battling depression and low points in their life through the therapeutic power of writing.

Blogging can also be a great career move and there are examples of people securing paid work as a result of their blog.  On Gumtree there is a creative writing section where opportunities for guest blogging are advertised.  Who knows, perhaps one day you could be one of the 14% of bloggers report earning a salary through blogging.

Do you blog?  If so we want to hear from you!

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