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Who’s getting talked about? Weekend Wrap-up

Monday 19 January 2015, by

Who Got You Talking This Weekend?

It was a busy weekend in the Big Brother House!

On Friday night we said goodbye to Chloe, the first celeb to be voted out by the public. Not long after Chloe said her goodbyes, Katie Price made her grand entrance to the shock and delight of the other Housemates!

We’ve been listening to the chatter across the Twitter all weekend to see who has got you talking the most.


Perez Hilton is no stranger to creating controversy online and has been the most talked about Housemate this weekend. Katie Hopkins continues to be one of the most mentions celebs and is getting more positive sentiment than when she first entered, while Katie Price’s surprise entry has made her the third most talked about celebrity in the House.

It was a quiet couple of days for Patsy, Cheggers and Kavana, who got the fewest mentions online. Perhaps they’re playing the tactical game, waiting for their moment to shine!

Alexander O’Neal left the House during Sunday’s show, which got plenty of you talking about him, too!


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