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Who’s being talked about in the Big Brother House?

Friday 16 January 2015, by

Who’s being talked about in the Big Brother House?


Since the Celebrities made their way into the CBB House, they have created a lot of buzz on Social Media! We’ve been listening to all the chatter to see which Housemates have got you talking the most… check out the graphs below!




Being crowned Queen of the Fairies got people talking about Cami Li in a big way, but you were not entirely amused by her brash rule.


Bananagate propelled Alicia into the conversation after a quiet start to life in the beautifully-designed House.


Katie Hopkins began as the outright villain of Big Brother’s twisted fairytale, but did the curse to be nice to her fellow celebs transform the wicked witch into a fan’s favourite?


Nadia’s friendship with professional gossiper Perez might be to blame for her rise in negative sentiment since the weekend. Perhaps that’s why her graph looks similar to his…


Big Brother is bound to have plenty more twists to test the Housemates. Only time will tell how this Fairytale will unfold!


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