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Which sex is in the driving seat?

Tuesday 5 August 2014, by

Research from Gumtree Motors, the UK’s No.1 classifieds website for private car sellers, has revealed that nearly 40% of women have the final say when it comes to buying the family car. The research across 2,000 respondents also revealed that four in ten men let their partner make the final decision “because it’s not worth the hassle of arguing.”

Proving that it’s not just a man’s domain these days, Gumtree found that 62% of couples go online to search for their cars together, and 77% of couples go to buy the car together. Both sexes agree that a 4×4 would be the ideal family car, although the Ford Mondeo remains the most popular choice of family vehicle.

But it’s not always a harmonious purchase, with 40% of couples admitting to having an argument when choosing a vehicle. In fact, 65% of these couples say that they argued so much that they just ended up buying two separate cars! The main topic of the argument is the colour of the car, but ultimately, women end up with the final say on that too.

When asked who invests the most money into buying the family car the results were: men – 41%, women – 15% and with 44% splitting it between the couples.

Andrew Hooks, Director of Gumtree Motors commented: “’It’s great to see gender stereotypes being challenged with these results and to see women playing such an important role in choosing a family car. There’s the idea that only men get to be in charge when buying a car so it’s refreshing to see that this isn’t necessarily the case.’’


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