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What’s your view on the Celebrity Big Brother House?

Thursday 15 January 2015, by

This week we caught up with Gumtree fan and lifestyle blogger Lela London, who also happens to be a massive CBB fan. We wanted to get her views on all things interior design, fashion and CBB – and sure enough, here views are as readable as ever…

  • What do you think of the design of the 2015 Celebrity Big Brother HouseIt is absolutely unreal! I am a massive fan of OTT opulence… and I think that’s the only word to describe this year’s House!
  • What is your favourite item in the House and why? Probably the gorgeous ornate mirrors in the living area – is that bad?!
  • What do you think of the 4 items Gumtree put in the house? Awesome. I particularly love the 6ft chaise longue in the bedroom. It is an absolute gem.
  • What would you like to buy from this year’s house? If I wrote a wish list of items in the house, there wouldn’t be many item not included.  From the hot tub to the leather armchairs to the candelabras – it’s all to my taste.
  • How do you think the design of the House will affect the housemates behaviour? The opulent design of the house has celebrity written all over it, so I think it will make them feel at home – maybe even like being on the stage!
  • If you could design the CBB House, what would you do? To be honest, I love the house so much I would probably do something exactly like it is. Or go in completely the other direction and opt for complete minimalism. When the housemates are stuck in one place for such a long time, the design needs to be impactful, one way or another.
  • Any funny stories behind any of the furniture in your own house? I don’t have it anymore, but I did once buy a chaise longue without checking the measurements. I thought I was getting an absolute bargain, but when it arrived it was barely big enough to seat a chihuahua. Whoops!
  • Describe the style of your own house? A real mixture of high and low cost items. There is a lot of white, with a few little special extravagances. It will always be a work in process as I love adding details and textures. The CBB show always gives me great ideas of things I could buy second hand.
  • Where do you buy/find your furniture? Everywhere! New or old, I love finding unique items. I live close to an amazing antiques shop and love to upcycle with stuff I find online.
  • Have you ever upcycled? Haha – speak of the devil! All the time. Gold spray paint and matte white paint are practically handbag staples.
  • What would be your top tips for transforming a room with a £1000 budget? Make a plan and focus on the details! You can find great pieces at all sorts of price points (especially on Gumtree!), so ensure you have a strong theme going in and invest in a few small pieces that will make you smile. That’s what makes a house a home.

Thanks Lela!

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