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Transform your home into a Haunted House

Monday 2 October 2017, by

All Hallows’ Eve, the spookiest day of the year, is ready to jump out at us from just around the corner! Transforming your home into the ultimate Haunted House doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg or give your bank balance a fright. Here’s Gumtree’s top tips for hosting Halloween!


Transform yourself!

Halloween is all about transformations, but if you’re not quite sure dying your hair purple will go down well with your 9-5, a simple way to change your look for the night is with a  colourful wig! Whether it’s Cruella de Vil, a witch, or a red headed devil – a wig will have you looking the part in no time.

Dog or DEMON?

Don’t forget the pets! Your pup doubles up as the perfect Halloween side kick, so make sure you’re not leaving them out this Halloween. There are plenty of dog costumes to go around!



Not only are pumpkins fun to carve, they’ll add the perfect mood lighting to your haunted house and garden! You can also mix it up a bit with hanging decorations, lights and lanterns – from giant bats to spiders to skeletons!


Home improvements

There are many things to consider when it comes to prepping the house for a Halloween party. We suggest stocking up on decorations such as spooky wreaths, pumpkins, giant bowls for serving up a witches brew and plenty of sweets ready for trick-o-treaters!





And time for the final touch, your Halloween costume! No haunted house is quite complete without some ghastly ghouls, witches or zombies to creep the corridors. What will you be this year?






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