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These London creatives furthered their craft with the help of Gumtree

Wednesday 19 June 2019, by

At Gumtree, we’re always surprised at the wonders that our local communities have to offer – on our site you can find everything from top-of-the-range trumpets to vintage cameras to music lessons

So, we set out looking for a storyteller to dig a bit deeper into the spirit of what Gumtree offers their community – and we looked no further than London-based filmmaker Holly-Marie Cato

Holly commands her camera like a third arm and places great valueon sharing the honest, authentic stories of those she meets across the world. We sent her into her very own neighbourhood to find out what’s good. 

Holly says that, “Going into this I knew I’d have the opportunity to share people’s stories in a creative way. What took me by surprise was how many of my friends and wider network use Gumtree not just once, but frequently.”

Holly very quickly found a vibrant community of artists using Gumtree to further their passions. We met Peju, a knitwear designer, who not only found her unique knitting machine through Gumtree but also learnt a skill from the couple who sold it to her. We also met Koko, a filmmaker who uses Gumtree to source everything from vintage film cameras to disco balls for his sets. 

Natalie, a stylist and creative consultant, told us how she uses Gumtree to find clothes from niche time periods – and also found her studio space through Gumtree. And Aldo, a musician originally from Argentina, told us how Gumtree allowed him to find affordable equipment to share his talent with the world. 

On reflection, Holly tells us that, “Aldo, Peju, Natalie and Koko’s stories have shown me how Gumtree isn’t just a platform for buying and selling, Gumtree fosters community.”

And she couldn’t resist having cheeky shop herself: “Since filming I’ve been on Gumtree, searching for a rare Mamyia 7ii medium format camera – I’ve already located two sellers, one of which is willing to meet up with me so I can try put the camera before buying. It’s these personal touches that are invaluable to me.”

“At the heart of it, Gumtree’s helping us connect with our neighborhood again and it’s good.”

We’ll let the stories speak for themselves. 

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