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The Real Royal Family Christmas

Thursday 5 December 2013, by

The countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun and the magical, festive season is taking hold of all of us.  As advent calendars are prised open each day, bobbly Christmas jumpers grace our wardrobes and multi-coloured tinsel decorates our desks, it’s time to get thinking about the biggest challenge of all: presents.  And what better way to ease yourselves into the task than by tackling the time-honoured tradition with a cheeky Secret Santa?

The real Royal family Christmas

We all love a laugh, especially at Christmas, and we’re guessing that the Royal family are no different.  Letting their ‘heir’ down after their own private party, we imagine they’d crack open the presents like nobody’s business!  But what would the blue-blooded clan buy each other, we wondered?  Here are our suggestions, all available on Gumtree:

What to buy the Queen?

Quite the party goer, our Monarch has graced a fair few parties in her time, but recently has been spotted with a couple of sneakily placed plugs in her ears.  So why not embrace today’s trends, Queenie, and don some super-stylish noise cancelling headphones instead?

What to buy Prince Charles?

As next in line to the throne, Prince Charles has been the subject of royal training for quite a few years now.  To further prepare him for such a duty, we think he and Camilla would look utterly spiffing in a pair of matching crowns – a magnificent his ‘n’ hers.

What to buy Kate?

As we all know Kate likes to keep her sought-after locks in tip-top condition (she reportedly spent £600 on a recent 6-hour salon trip!), why not spoil her with a travel hairdryer and straightener set? This will ensure she can manage her mane on her many travels around the globe.

What to buy Camilla?

Well and truly part of the family, Camilla has taken to the imperial lifestyle with ease.  However, it’s always nice to keep in touch with a more mainstream family lifestyle, perhaps by watching an episode or two of the Royle Family on DVD?

What to buy Prince William?

Prince William recently admitted that he’s somewhat of a poor dancer, so it’s pretty darn lucky that he didn’t have to bust out his funky robot moves down at his local discothèque in a bid to catch the eye of a potential suitor.  But he shouldn’t thank his stars yet, as the day may come when he has to battle the King of Norway at his coronation after-party! So a dance mat is the perfect answer.

What to buy Prince Harry?

Far from a grumpy scrooge, Prince Harry is all for doing his bit for the community.  To help him on his latest quest and journey to the South Pole, we think a pair of snazzy snow boots is in order to keep those royal toes toasty.

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