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The Neighbourhood’s Good

Wednesday 16 January 2019, by

When was the last time you really interacted with your neighbours?

In the increasingly fast-paced, disillusioned and atomised world we live in – community spirit is dwindling. We live metres apart from people, yet we feel worlds away. Everyday transactions are becoming increasingly impersonal, and the notion of shopping locally is dying out. Here at Gumtree, we want to buck this trend.

Our latest campaign, ‘The Neighbourhood’s Good’ re-establishes the power of human connection. It is a return to our roots: as the first local classifieds platform in the UK, Gumtree was founded as a force for good – empowering communities to help one another.

It celebrates the fact that we have more in common with our neighbours than we might think. In fact, your neighbourhood is the perfect place to find new items or even find new homes for belongings you’ve outgrown.

It advocates reducing waste by shopping locally and connecting with your neighbours as a result. One neighbours unwanted things, another might need. And you needn’t look any further than your doorstep.

Check out ‘The Neighbourhood’s Good’ below and connect to your local community through Gumtree.


























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