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The Best Second-Hand Buggies To Buy

Tuesday 21 October 2014, by

We saw that Which? magazine launched its guide to buying a second-hand buggy this week. And we were delighted to get a mention in their report, as we pride ourselves on being a perfect place for mums to pick up a great deal on a pram.

They picked out Babystyle OysterBugaboo Cameleon and Mamas & Papas Sola as some of their favourites, and a quick search shows that Gumtree has hundreds of each available on the site today.

And to show how easy it is to buy a buggy on Gumtree, have a look at Shelley’s story. She’s a mum from Wales that picked up a bargain in her local area, and now enjoys leisurely walks on the beach with a suitably sturdy stroller!


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