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The benefits of owning a scooter

Wednesday 3 September 2014, by

If you’re the sort who is regularly stuck in traffic, you’ve probably noticed the ease with which scooters seem to glide through the stickiest of jams. So have you ever considered whether owning a scooter would make more sense than driving a car?

Well, as well as the luxury of being able to bypass traffic, scooters are much more friendly on the pocket than our four-wheel friends. Scooters don’t have to pay congestion charge in London, are free to park, use significantly less petrol and get cheaper insurance. Smart, huh?

And let’s not forget the real reason Scooters have been so popular for so long – they’re fantastically fun to ride! So if you’re keen to save some cash, whilst zooming around the city with the wind in your hair, have a browse at the thousands of Scooter choices we have available on Gumtree.




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