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Tell Us Your Story Of Motors Glory – And Win £100

Tuesday 9 April 2013, by

When it comes to helping people buy and sell their used cars, Gumtree creates thousands of success stories every day, and now, we want to hear yours…

If you’ve bought or sold a gem of a car, van or motorbike, we want you to share your success story. The best ones will be up for a weekly prize of £100.

Getting involved couldn’t be easier. Head to the Gumtree Facebook page and use our new Motors Success app to send us your success story, along with any top tips for buying or selling a car. BOOM! No matter how simple, we want to hear it.

Each week, we’ll pick our favourite, jump in one of our motors and pop round for an hour or so to film a short video (one to two minutes) of you sharing your success story and tips with the world. (Don’t worry – we’ll call ahead to arrange!

We’ll then post the video on the Gumtree blog. AND we’ll reward the winner with £100 to spend on whatever they choose. Now that’s what we call success!

A few Ts&Cs we need to mention first…

  • You need to be over 18 to enter
  • Your success story must relate to buying or selling a car on Gumtree
  • You should be available for filming during the week of entry

And don’t forget to share a contact telephone number with us. It’s a secure part of the entry process; we just need this to let you know if you’ve won. (We won’t use your number for anything else, promise.)

We’re looking forward to reading your entries. Here’s to SUCCESS!

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