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Stuck for Father’s Day gift inspo? Here’s 6 ideas to cement your perfect child status

Thursday 8 June 2017, by

They’re the kings of awkward dance moves, terrible fashion faux-pas and cringe-worthy dad jokes… There is a good chance some of them think they are entirely capable of being a football pro, while some secretly wish they were the lost member of The Rolling Stones. And on Sunday we are showing our appreciation for them – we are talking about celebrating our dads on Father’s Day. Whether they are the family goofballs, mad workaholics, or caring superdads, we have the perfect Father’s Day present for every type of dad!

Here are 6 gift ideas – some weird, some wonderful – to make this June 18th a memorable one for your dad…

  1. Authentic biker apparel

Is your dad Born to be Wild? Well, look no further. You’ll find plenty of motorcycle accessories that will make his heart beat faster. Why not treat him to a vintage Harley Davidson biker jacket? That smell of leather will have him reminisce about his biker days…

  1. Garden maintenance essentials 

If your dad is taking pride in keeping the family garden nice and groomed, he will be delighted to get some new gardening equipment for Father’s Day. Put his green fingers in action with these hedge trimmers and garden tools and ensure your dad’s hard work pruning the lawn is backed up with these sprinklers.

  1. Gear up for golf

If he’s dreaming of The Masters Tournament, support his passion by presenting him with a pair of golf shoes so he can cut a fine figure on the course. Or why not check out these golf trolleys that will make sure he’s got all of his equipment with him at all times. This way he can focus on stepping up his game to beat the pros – one day…

  1. Sing a different tune

Is your dad the original hipster with an authentic vinyl collection in his attic? Time to drop the needle and add some new records. And, when he talks about pursuing a career in music again, help him become a guitar hero in his own rock band…

  1. DIY do over

Does your father have lots of ideas and a plan of action to fix things around the house? Help him get started with his own tool box or add on to his existing one with various tools, we’ve got for sale. And for that DIY cowboy feel, pick up a tool belt to have him beam with confidence…

  1. Football fandom

Our previous blog post talked about ways to get active now that the football season is over – but if your dad enjoys football exclusively from the couch these Fifa games are the perfect answer to lifting his spirit this Father’s Day. And, they are guaranteed to make for some family bonding time…

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