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See how Alison made £1000 on Gumtree!

Tuesday 24 June 2014, by

We’ve chosen our second Gumtree success story, and this time the £100 prize goes to Alison from Brighton.

She moved into a new home two years ago, and the previous owner had left behind some bookcases that he no longer required.

Alison did her research and realised their worth as genuine antiques. She popped a free ad on Gumtree, and sold them the next day to a lady who lived just down the road.

And best of all, the £1000 she made from the sale earned Alison and her husband a holiday to Portugal – a perfect way to celebrate some Gumtree success!

Click below to hear more of Alison’s story, and if you’d like to share your great experience on Gumtree, and be in with a chance of winning £100, enter on our  Facebook page.


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