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Reporting Spoof Gumtree Emails And Websites

Wednesday 19 June 2013, by

The biggest threats to the security of your Gumtree account are fraudulent spoof and phishing emails.

Spoof emails look like real Gumtree emails but and include links to “phishing” web sites, or fraudulent services that they claim are endorsed by Gumtree.

Spoof Phishing websites
While phishing web sites may also look like Gumtree, they are fake sites designed by scammers to steal your Gumtree user name and password.
You can keep your Gumtree account secure by only signing in to Gumtree when your web browser tells you the page is secure with a Padlock notification.









Never sign in unless these icons show up in your browser and the web address is
Here is an image of a very convincing Phishing site designed to steal your password:

You can see that there is no Padlock icon to indicate the page is secure, and the website you would be logging into is not a page, even though it uses gumtree as part of the URL.
Spoof emails typically tell you that your Gumtree account has been disabled, locked out or suspended. The email may even show a Gumtree link that appears to be genuine, but when clicked goes to the phishing web site. To be safe, always double check the web address after you click on any links in an email to make sure they are actually from Gumtree. We also suggest you use the latest version of your web browser and use an anti-virus program to stay protected.


Spoof Fraudulent Services

Sometimes Spoof Emails will actually link to or a spoof website that looks very similar to Gumtree, and will claim that we endorse escrow or secure payment websites.
Gumtree do not endorse or supply any secure payment or car delivery schemes. If you receive an email or see a site that looks like Gumtree suggesting we do, it is a Fraud.

Here is an example of a Spoof email promoting a fraudulent service:

Even though the email links to the real Gumtree website in places, this is not a service that Gumtree offers. Gumtree never takes part in the transactions between buyers and sellers that meet as a result of ads on Gumtree, our advice is always meet face to face – never send money for an item you haven’t seen.
Please forward all suspicious email addresses and web sites to

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