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Rent Smart – a handy guide to renting

Wednesday 19 February 2014, by

With over 200,000 ads for available flats and houses in the United Kingdom alone, Gumtree is a trusted and popular go-to site for house hunters that is ready and raring to please even the pickiest of house hunters.

Wherever you’re moving to, and whether you’re a lone wolf looking for a bachelor pad, or a newcomer to a new big city looking to share with some local experts, with Gumtree’s easy to use Rent Smart tool you can find the perfect pad in no time.

But for those of you looking to move to the big smoke, Gumtree’s helping hand doesn’t stop there.  Before renting, your mind can be jumbled with hundreds of questions and conundrums, so we’ve come up with a handy eBook to help you out.

So for your expert guide to rental success, just read the eBook below.

Rent Smart – a handy guide to renting was produced by Gumtree UK.

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Alternatively, download a .pdf version here.

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