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Record Breaking Property posted on Gumtree!

Friday 13 December 2013, by

Gumtree’s a great place to find a flat to rent, right?


But we’re also proud to be a site where you can find something a little more extravagant.

Last week, a four bedroom riverside apartment in London became the most expensive property ever to be advertised on The £10.5m Southwark penthouse has views of St. Paul’s cathedral and is just minutes away from The Globe theatre and the Tate Modern.

Spread over three floors, you’ll get four double bedrooms, four bathrooms; a large kitchen, dining and drawing room. But that’s not all, the trendy digs also come with a study, a library and stunning panoramic views of London’s skyline.

Denton Consultants, the company who posted the ad, is confident they’ll sell it soon. Chief Executive Officer, Mustafa Kondoz, says: “We use Gumtree to connect national and international clients searching for a property in London. As an international property consultancy firm we have found that Gumtree helps broaden our reach to a wider range of potential customers. This apartment is a dream home in a highly sought after location. We anticipate a quick sale.”

If you have a spare £10.5 million why not reply to the ad on Gumtree and land yourself that dream home?

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