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Post FA Cup blues? Here’s 3 ways to get active now the football season is over.

Thursday 1 June 2017, by

With the FA Cup Final done and dusted, the end of our regular football viewing has crept up on us and you may be left thinking ‘what am I supposed to do now?!’. With no Euro’s or World Cup in sight, you’ll have to replace your favourite spot on the sofa watching TV, with a different activity. But never fear fellow football fanatics, we’re here to bring you 3 ways you can follow in the footsteps of your favoured football hero and get active this summer.

1. Get a personal trainer on board

All the gear but no idea? Why not put that stack of football shirts to some use and get yourself a personal trainer. Whether you’re a newbie to fitness or an avid gym goer, getting a personal trainer on board can help re-align your goals and make sure you’re hitting all those personal fitness milestones.

2. Join a fitness class

Want to workout but don’t want to do it alone? Why not join an outdoor fitness class– you can soak up some Vitamin D whilst also getting one step closer to your fitness goal.

3.       If you just need football…

If you just can’t imagine your summer without a bit of football injected into it, why not give in and join a local team. Whether you just want a friendly 5-a-side league, or trials for your local team, sign up and get involved.

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