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Looking to pocket some extra change this Summer?

Monday 19 July 2010, by

Cash savvy folk across the UK are coming up new and inventive ways to make some extra money this summer. Whether you need to boost  your holiday fund, buy that essential summer dress or catch the last of the festivals, can help fill your pockets. There are thousands of part-time and contract jobs on …read more

Neighbourhood superhero searching for other heroes on

Friday 9 July 2010, by

Local Londoner, known only as Darkslay, has vowed to protect his neighbourhood for the good of the community.  His mission is to ‘bring a little hope back to the city’ and is currently advertising for fellow wannabe superheroes to join him on his quest through local online noticeboard His goal to unite neighbours echoes …read more

Sing when you’re, erm…..

Tuesday 29 June 2010, by

Press release: Sing when you’re, erm….. Publishing date: 17 June 2010 It seems the England World Cup dream just wasn’t to be, despite the country rallying together to cheer on Fabio’s chosen 11.  Some went further than others to pledge their support such as  fan James Barron, who  used to find musicians from across …read more

Flat sharing famous faces

Tuesday 15 June 2010, by

Press release: Flat sharing famous faces Publishing date: 8 & 11 June 2010 Finding the perfect flatmate is never easy, but when it comes to famous faces we’d like as flat sharing friends, a poll from threw up some surprising insights to the qualities that are cherished. From swapping clothes and gossip through to …read more

Mancunians make the best neighbours

Tuesday 15 June 2010, by

Press release: Mancunians make the best neighbours Publishing date: 10 June 2010 A new report from has revealed that Mancunians make the friendliest neighbours. The study into neighbourhood connections found that those living in Manchester  were more likely to engage with their local community, scoring highest in all categories of the survey, including  borrowing …read more provides a perfect platform for budding entrepreneurs

Monday 7 June 2010, by

Press release: How to remember your wedding, not its price tag Publishing date: 24 May 2010 Fancy yourself as the next Delia, Nigella or Jamie? Graduates from the West Midlands used to launch their cupcake business and are now handling orders from leading retailers across the country. As reported by:

How to remember your wedding, not its price tag

Monday 7 June 2010, by

Press release: How to remember your wedding, not its price tag Publishing date: 31 May 2010 We’ve heard it said that your wedding should be the most memorable day of your life. With the average wedding costing a whopping £20,000, we’re pretty sure that’s why lots of people never forget their big day! Jokes aside, …read more

Buying a second-hand phone? Here’s how to stay safe…

Friday 4 June 2010, by

Buying a second-hand mobile phone can be a bit more complicated than buying a brand new phone. There’s the potential of more things going wrong, such as the phone being blocked, not working or turning out to be a stolen phone. Steve, one of our Good Neighbour team members who goes by the name ‘Nottinghamste’ on the Gumtree forums, has some tips when you’re buying a second-hand phone online.

Recycling without the hassle

Wednesday 26 May 2010, by

Press release: Recycling without the hassle Publish Date: 12 May 2010 Find what you’ve been looking for and help other people make the most of your unused goods on If the garden is pining for some TLC  and you finally plan to do that bit of DIY that’s been bothering you for ages but …read more re-launches website

Wednesday 26 May 2010, by

Press release: re-launches website Publishing date: 21 May 2010 re-launches with new usability features, as well as a user friendly design.  Over 13.7 million people who visit the site each month will benefit from a range of newly introduced features, including better search functions to allow more localised search functions within specific areas …read more