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Send them back to school without breaking the bank

Wednesday 1 September 2010, by is the place to go to avoid spiralling back to school costs. Head to the ‘stuff for sale section’ to find everything from local school uniforms to stationary and books. As reported by Sunday Mirror, 29/08/2010, p.46

Save a small fortune by decluttering

Wednesday 1 September 2010, by

As the leaves begin to fall and thoughts drift to cosy nights in, why not make some extra cash for Winter by decluttering those cupboards and posting an ad on As reported by My Weekly, 04/09/2010, p.36 the place to go for inspired travel

Wednesday 25 August 2010, by

Whether you’re a student with itchy travel feet, a fed up worker who is yearning for a more challenging path or a just fancy an adventurous break, can help you find everything from backpacks and travel buddies to places to stay. As reported by launches TV advertising campaign

Wednesday 25 August 2010, by, the UK’s no.1 classifieds website, launched its first ever TV advertising campaign.  The series of 30” and 10” spots are being aired across the ITV and ITV digital network across a five week period. As reported by,

Graduates should head to

Monday 2 August 2010, by

In a tough jobs market, Graduates can struggle to catch the attention of employers. A top tip for grads is to head to the jobs section on where you’ll find part-time, fulltime, contract and internships available in a variety of sectors. As reported by’s new features explored

Monday 2 August 2010, by is the best way to trade locally but have you explored the range of features to get the most out of buying or selling? Technology magazine, Web User have just released their guide to with tips and tricks on a range of features, including better search functions, prices at a glance, ad view …read more

Guest blog post – Kevin Harris on Neighbourhoods

Thursday 29 July 2010, by

Most of us think neighbourliness is important. We feel relaxed when we know the people around us, more anxious if we don’t trust them. It’s natural to be curious about whether we’re more neighbourly or less neighbourly than we used to be, or whether some kinds of street are more neighbourly than others. So what’s …read more – a place for local trading

Monday 26 July 2010, by can be more than just a place to pick up a bargain or offload unwanted items to a better home. Why not place an ad in the community section and create a local event for likeminded people. As reported by:

Can you name ten neighbours?

Monday 26 July 2010, by

New research from has shown that the average Brit knows ten neighbours by name. Interestingly, the numbers sway a little based on location around the country, with northerners seeming to be more neighbourly. Liz Richardson, a specialist in neighbourhood and communities from Manchester University said: “The age old north versus south debate of who …read more

Cash strapped Brits turn to

Tuesday 20 July 2010, by

Gumtree has long been an advocator of cleaning out those cupboards and getting rid of unused but valuable items. There’s a host of ways to cut back on spending but declutterting your home by selling items on is a quick and easy way to create extra space and make some quick cash at the …read more