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Manchester is the most trusting city – rise of neighbourly deeds in capital of North

Friday 26 November 2010, by

Nearly half (49%) of people living in Manchester have entrusted their neighbour with a key to their home for use in an emergency compared to just 37% of people living in Birmingham. The study from online classifieds site highlights hotspots of neighbourliness across the country, with Mancunians proving most likely to perform neighbourly deeds …read more

Leeds crowned as bargain car capital of the UK, while sellers should flock to Swindon

Friday 19 November 2010, by

As both buyers and sellers look to make their money stretch by removing the middle man and capitalising on direct deals, data analysis reveals that the UK car market is divided into hot spots of where people should head to if they are looking to buy for a better price, or sell and bag …read more

Guest blog post – Streets Alive on car sharing

Friday 12 November 2010, by

Living in the city, many people don’t drive enough to justify the expense of owning a car and yet they have occasions, be it weekly shopping trips to city weekend escapes, when having access to a car suits their needs.  And on the other hand, several privately owned cars are being used infrequently in the …read more

Cut thousands of pounds off household bills

Thursday 4 November 2010, by

Brits are slashing thousands of pounds off their household bills by making the most of what they have and opting for online bargains. One family recognised that these days you get congratulated for being savvy with your money and picked up a dining room table for under £100. As reported by (Web), 27/10/2010,   …read more

John Lees, author of How To Get A Job You’ll Love, writes:

Monday 11 October 2010, by

Finding a job in a recession may feel like an uphill struggle.  Finding something you enjoy may seem even tougher.  Worryingly, people are making all the same job search mistakes that they made during a buoyant economy – but now it matters, because a low-powered job search can set you back months.  People are still …read more

Rise in online trading as savvy shoppers cut out the middle man

Friday 8 October 2010, by has seen a 65% rise in online trading, as cash savvy shoppers decide to cut out the middleman. There has been a spike in ads for clothes, mobile phones, toasters and items accross the stuff for sale category and with the average household hoarding £581 of unused but valuable possessions it’s clear there are bargains to …read more launches online help for job hunters

Friday 1 October 2010, by

HR professionals have reported that nearly half of all job seekers (43 per cent) are willing to take a pay cut and more than a third (39 per cent) are prepared to step down and take on a more junior role in order to land a job in these tough times. As reported by Daily …read more

Recession hit Brits refuse to pay spiralling back to school costs reports

Monday 13 September 2010, by

As the outrage over the cost of school uniforms continues, parents appear to be getting savvy when kitting out their kids for the return to school as, the online local noticeboard, reports a ten-fold increase year on year in searches for school uniforms. As reported by Inside Ireland, 08/09/2010,

Cash savvy mothers head to

Monday 13 September 2010, by has been championed as one of the best websites to make maternity pay go further and pick up essential childcare items at discounted rates. Mums should head to the site to find a great deal on everything from changing tables to yoga lessons. As repoted by Mother & Baby, 01/10/2010, p.21

Commuters make the best neighbours

Monday 6 September 2010, by

Those who travel more than an hour and a half to work each day are most likely to give something back to their community. They are more likely to join social groups, host dinner parties, check on elderly neighbours and do favours for those around them. … The 2010 State of Neighbourhoods Report found …read more