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Brits recieve £2.4bn of unwanted Christmas presents

Thursday 12 January 2012, by

Brits are sitting on £2.4 billion of unwanted Christmas presents, according to new research from online classifieds website  Mothers (21 per cent of Brits rate them as the worst), aunts (16 per cent), and mother-in-laws (18 per cent) are the top three culprits for getting Christmas presents wrong. As reported by:       …read more

Guest Blog Post – Dom Joly

Wednesday 28 December 2011, by

Actor and comedian Dom Joly’s top tips for dealing with Christmas bloopers It happens every year. We all know the forced smile, the shaky tone and the hesitant gratitude. Unwanted Christmas gifts can be embarrassing, painful or outright hilarious but when the pine needles have fallen and the tinsel is boxed up there’s no need …read more

Gumtree and Dogs Trust

Thursday 1 December 2011, by

Here at the welfare of our furry friends is something close to our heart.  We take all matters of animal and pet protection very seriously, so we’ve teamed up with the Dogs Trust to help support their ‘A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas’ campaign. Over the next few weeks you’ll see …read more

Gumtree Daily Deals

Thursday 10 November 2011, by

In case you haven’t seen it yet, we want to let all our blog readers that live in London and the South East know about our brand new Gumtree Daily Deals especially for London. We’ve launched the new service today and kicked off with an exclusive offer for a boat ride on the Thames. Make …read more

Advice from and the National Union of Students on how to rent safely

Thursday 22 September 2011, by

If you’re moving into a new pad at university, make sure you rent safely and avoid potential scams during the September rental rush. With the combination of thousands of students facing the last-minute scramble for accommodation, and the rise in people looking for new homes in September, we’d like to warn all potential tenants to …read more sparks new electro rock band

Friday 26 August 2011, by

Up and coming band Junkstar are delighted with thier track Kicking K, which is available to download from this week. The electo rock outfit was started with a humble ad on and and within day’s the singer and guitarist J-C Connington had received respones and formed the band. As reported by:        

Mums save bundles on

Wednesday 27 July 2011, by

With the cost of having a child spiralling, and reports of spending over £9,000 in the first year alone, mums are being urged to shop smarter and head to for essential items. As reported by:

Gumtree Pets – part 2

Friday 24 June 2011, by

Here’s the next instalment in our series of pet blogs. This week we’re looking at how to happily settle in a  new cat or dog to your home. Preparing your home for a new arrival Moving to a new home can be stressful for your new pet, so be patient and understanding and provide lots …read more

Gumtree Ireland

Friday 17 June 2011, by

For all you Irish Gummies, we’ll be launching a new Gumtree Ireland on Monday with an updated design and we’ve also been working to improve the search functionality. This does mean that you won’t be able to use Gumtree IE over the weekend, so please bear with us in the meantime. We’ll keep you updated …read more

Our Bargain-Tracking iPad Price Infographic

Tuesday 31 May 2011, by

The iPad: that modern talisman of desirable, must-have tech. But maybe you’re one of those folk who thinks Apple’s revered tablet PC is out of their price range? Well, you’d be surprised. You see, from the moment the iPad 2 was rumoured, we at Gumtree HQ noticed a dramatic boom in listings selling the original …read more