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Flourishing gardens at a blooming bargain!

Wednesday 30 May 2012, by

With summer temperatures taking hold across the country over the past week, we think it’s time to focus your attention to the garden!  Before setting up that BBQ and inviting your neighbours round don’t you want to finish that flower bed, mow that lawn or quickly dig that pond? (Come on, you can do it!) …read more

Making Gumtree safe for buyers and sellers

Friday 25 May 2012, by

We want every single one of you to have a safe and successful visit to Gumtree, whether you are buying or selling, searching or advertising, and we do loads to keep you protected – including stuff you might not even know about. To give you that extra bit of confidence here are a few examples, …read more

The Gumtree Forums are now closed

Thursday 17 May 2012, by

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you were hoping to see the Gumtree Forums. Well, we’re sorry to say that as of the 17th May 2012, the Gumtree Forums have closed. Whilst this decision was not taken lightly, we’d love you to stay in touch; via our Facebook page, Twitter feed or Google+ profile. …read more

All good things must come to an end… including the Gumtree Forums

Monday 14 May 2012, by

If you’re a regular user of the Gumtree Forums, you may have already seen a difficult announcement we had to make last week. In recent months we’ve seen less and less customers coming to the forums, and the conversations are starting to dry up. With Facebook and other social media channels increasing in popularity, it feels …read more hits 100million ads!

Wednesday 25 April 2012, by

We’re really excited to let you know that an advert for a second-hand television has gone down in history as our 100 millionth ad on                 The 100 millionth ad was for a second-hand television in London in April, 2012. Regular Gumtree user Istvan Nagy, 32, posted …read more

GUMTREE are back on TV!

Tuesday 17 April 2012, by

We’re all very excited at Gumtree towers, because our new brand new TV campaign launched last night! We’ve made 3 ads, each focusing on a different section of our site – covering motors, jobs, and goods for sale.  The ads, called ‘Quick Conversations’, shows how easily Gumtree can bring people together, along with a good dose …read more

A guest post from Samantha Mills, Head of Campaigns at the Electoral Commission

Tuesday 27 March 2012, by

Need to register to vote in a new place? On Thursday 3 May, local elections are taking place in London, many parts of England (including major cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds) and across Scotland and Wales. These local elections affect your everyday life, and you have the chance to influence what services your …read more

Guest blog post from Jamie Breese, declutter expert

Thursday 22 March 2012, by

Declutter expert Jamie Breese who has presented TV shows including BBC2’s popular The Life Laundry, explains how to cash in on your unwanted goods using Do you wish that you had more space at home? Are your cupboards bursting to the brim? Is your clutter taking over your life?   If the answer to …read more

Baby Bargains for Gummy Mummies

Friday 16 March 2012, by

When two becomes three (or four, or even five), those little bundles of joy can easily leave you spending much bigger bundles of cash. So being the friendly, helpful types we are here at Gumtree, we’ve put together a top tips list to help you from bump to baby and beyond.   Whatever you’re on …read more

Guest blog post with Justine Pannett, RSPCA

Monday 27 February 2012, by

A guest post from Justine Pannett, Get Puppy Smart Campaign Manager at the RSPCA talking about pedigree dogs. Don’t be fooled by a ‘pedigree’ dog What do you look for when choosing a puppy? Looks, size, breed perhaps? And how do you know that you’re getting a puppy that’s been well bred and will make …read more