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Our advice on buying or selling tickets

Friday 6 March 2015, by

Our advice on buying or selling tickets

Whether you’re searching for a last-minute ticket to see your favourite band, or need to flog your ticket to a sold-out sporting event, here’s our advice on buying and selling tickets online:

  • Always meet face-to-face in a safe, public environment
  • Ask lots of questions about the tickets, such as face value and seat number and why they are being sold
  • Check that the tickets can be resold – it’s illegal to sell certain tickets
  • Ensure that the tickets are publicly available – sometimes tickets are not issued by the official ticket vendor until close to the event

Look out for these common signs of fraudulent behaviour:

  • The seller will only send the items, and refuses to meet face-to-face
  • You are asked to pay for the tickets before you have received them
  • You are told to buy the tickets from a 3rd party website
  • Events that are popular or sold out are favoured by fraudsters – they look for the biggest opportunities

If you see any suspect behaviour while looking for tickets on Gumtree, you can contact us here. Alternatively, you can also report ads to us by clicking on the ‘report ad’ button in the top corner of the screen.

Further advice on buying tickets can also be found on the Get Safe Online website, and there are more tips on our Ticket Safety page too.


Make the most of Gumtree categories


Whether you’re buying or selling, our new, more detailed ticket categories make it so much easier. Check out our full range of new categories here. From classical to hip-hop, travel tickets to motorsports, it means that buying and selling is fast and simple.

As a seller you can reach the buyers you really need, more directly – list your Motorhead ticket in the rock & metal category, and you’ll have a whole audience of metalheads right there waiting to mosh.


Still searching?


Still can’t find the tickets you’re after? Whether it’s for the footie, a gig or a festival, if you can’t find them on Gumtree, give StubHub a whirl. It’s a handy place to keep up to speed with upcoming music, theatre, comedy and sports events, and to double check that tickets you’re buying on Gumtree are actually on public sale.


The price is right


You can use Gumtree and StubHub to do some valuable price research too. Browsing the tickets already on sale for the event you’re interested in will give you an instant overview of the kind of prices punters are already happily paying. If you’re a buyer, you can make sure you’re not being ripped off and paying over the odds. If you’re a seller, setting a realistic price will help you shift those tickets faster and make a successful sale. How much is too much? Check out our earlier blog for some historic ticket prices that’ll really make your eyes water!

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