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Our 6-step prep guide to your best Glastonbury yet

Friday 16 June 2017, by

You’ve chosen your headliners for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you’ve bought a sleeping bag, and have a pocket poncho- you’ve covered the Glasto basics… right?! If you’re feeling a little light on the fundamentals, we have compiled 6 essentials for the festival below. So, whether you’re a Glastonbury newbie or veteran, we have you covered.

  1. A tent is everything

An obvious, but extremely essential item for the festival. If you aren’t an avid camper why not check out the pre-loved tents here. If you want to go full Glastonbury, have a look at our tipis

2. Forecast looking like a sunny downpour?

One thing we’ve learnt time and again is ‘always prepare for rain’. Check out our range of gazebos for you to shelter from the rain, or blazing sun, here.

3. You may want to sit down for this

So now you have your tent and camping area sorted, make sure you have somewhere to perch with one of these nifty camping chairs. You can also take it with you to the stages to get that all important front row spot.

4. Always prep for rain!

We’ve mentioned it once, but being caught in a downpour without a waterproof is one way to soggy your spirits. Check out our range of waterproof jackets here, and whilst your waterproofing your way to success, browse through a variety of wellies for optimal festival dryness. 

5. Bag seen better days?

You’ve chosen the perfect camping spot and have just realised that it’s a 1.5 mile hike away from the car park. You have two options, abandon your ideal spot, or invest in the best hiking bag to lug all your stuff to your camping area of dreams. We think we know your answer- check out our range of hiking rucksacks here

6. There cannot be a festival without glitter

So you’ve got your bag sorted, your tent, gazebo and chair packed away, you’re raring to go. But what’s a festival without glitter?? Whether you want to jump on the glitter beard bandwagon, want to go for a stylee under eye shimmer, or just want to plaster yourself in the stuff make sure you stand out with your own personal, glittery style. 

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