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Four Gumtree Items To Look Out For In The Celebrity Big Brother House!

Thursday 8 January 2015, by

The doors to the Celebrity Big Brother house were flung open last night, granting the celebrity housemates their first chance to survey their new home. This year’s house is packed with beautiful details and glamorous décor that fits the ‘twisted fairytale’ theme perfectly.

Among the many intriguing features of this enchanted wonderland (including Snow White inspired magic mirrors, creepy woodland murals and a mysterious giant key on the gothic dining table) are some very special items that arrive in the famous house courtesy of four Gumtree sellers.

Last month we gave you the chance to help furnish the Celebrity Big Brother house by selling your items to Big Brother. The response was amazing and proof that Gumtree is a great place to find all sorts of unique decorative treasures. We were delighted to offer the Big Brother team over 50,000 items to choose from including clothes, jewellery, furniture and just about everything else you can imagine. Somehow they narrowed their search down to four items that fit this year’s house perfectly.

Taking pride of place in the Celebrity Big Brother house will be a sleek handmade chaise longue courtesy of Mandy Russell; a vintage silver plated Fortnum and Mason tea set, sold to Big Brother by Reza Moeni; a stylish selection of handcrafted twig trees made by Jill Griffin; and a mirrored cube side-table purchased from Nina Choudhury.


chaise longue

Mandy’s chaise longue in grey mock-croc velvet is a fine example of the unique handmade furniture they sell at her boutique in Chipping Ongar, Essex and it certainly looks the part, providing the bedroom with a suitably glamorous centrepiece. Mandy is a long time fan of Celebrity Big Brother and will be playing close attention to the role their classy contribution plays in this year’s show. Her items can often be found for sale on Gumtree so check out our furniture listings if you fancy emulating this year’s CBB style.

tea set

A stunning Fortnum and Mason silver tea set, sold to Big Brother by frequent Gumtree user Reza Moeni, also adds a dash of glamour to the house and could see plenty of use if the housemates enjoy the occasional cup of cha. As an ex-residential social worker and a keen student of human behaviour Reza takes a particular interest in Celebrity Big Brother and will be especially intrigued to see if any of this year’s drama unfolds at teatime!


twig trees

Jill Griffin should be particularly proud when she catches a glimpse of her handmade twig trees in the Big Brother garden given that she crafted them herself. Originally created by Jill and her daughter to decorate her goddaughter’s wedding venue, Jill was keen to find a new home for her stylish arrangement of twig trees and thrilled to discover that Big Brother wanted to furnish the Big Brother garden with them!

Jill is an enthusiastic Gumtree user and her daughter even managed to furnish her new flat almost exclusively with items purchased on Gumtree! Jill tells us that ‘people have been amazed at what she has been able to achieve’ but we’ve got a feeling the Big Brother team would be less surprised given the success they’ve had furnishing the CBB house with Gumtree items.


We’d like to congratulate the successful sellers for getting their items into the Celebrity Big Brother house and thank everyone who took part for giving Big Brother such an amazing choice of items to pick from.


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