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New Categories and Locations

Thursday 27 February 2014, by

This week has seen two big updates at Gumtree. With a lot of technical work going on behind the scenes, we’ve been able to update our categories and also improve the number of locations on the site.

Categories first – and there’s great news for people searching for a bargain on Gumtree. We’ve expanded our number of categories to include the latest tech gadgets like tablets and the PS4, as well as expanding some of our most popular categories like DIY, and baby and kids stuff.

Great news for those posting ads – you’ll find the perfect home for your ad – and Gumtree buyers will know exactly where they’ll find your needle in a haystack! Success!
As for locations, we’re currently adding in thousands of small towns and villages to our database for the exact same reason. Now Gumtree fans in Wolverhampton, Preston, Ashford and many more will get much better search results, and greater accuracy when they’re posting ads.

If you want to know more, or want to congratulate the clever team of techies working under the hood, get in touch below or @gumtree.


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