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Wednesday 18 December 2013, by

We all love the entrepreneurs on Dragon’s Den who come up with the simplest little inventions, right? And wouldn’t we all like to be the guy or girl who invented that world-famous, undeniably useful gadget?

Well, if you’re struggling to find that quirky Secret Santa gift, take a gander at these weird and wonderful gifts for a little inspiration.

Maybe you’ll find something just as awesome on Gumtree!

Take a look at our items for sale to find out.

Maybe on Gumtree – an arm pillow

Maybe on Gumtree - Baby as a duster

Maybe on Gumtree – measure as you go belt

Maybe on Gumtree - Biscuit pocket mug

Maybe on Gumtree - Dustpan feet

Maybe on Gumtree – Eat at your desk with these pen lids

Maybe on Gumtree - Privacy blanket

Maybe on Gumtree - Self stirring mug

Maybe on Gumtree – Peek through umbrella

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