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Marcel Somerville and Lucy Watson’s Top Tips for Landing a Job

Tuesday 14 August 2018, by

It’s time to find a job. Maybe it’s your first step into the world of work and you need to pick up a few shifts alongside your studies. Perhaps you’re ready to steer your career in a new direction. From immediate-start bar work to full-time marketing roles, there’s a huge amount of opportunity on Gumtree Jobs.

This week we spent time with reality TV stars Marcel Somerville and Lucy Watson, challenging them to find their perfect job for the summer on Gumtree. You can check out how they got on with that here!

After a job trial with Gumtree Jobs Partners Deliveroo, The Metropolitan Pub Company and Task Rabbit, the pair are now ready to share their job-hunting advice with you all. Here’s their top 5 tips for landing that job:

  1. Get a PMA: Positive Mental Attitude

Lucy: Thinking positive is really key when you’re looking for a job. You might have to apply for quite a few jobs before you find the one that’s perfect for you which can be tiring but stick with it and it’ll be worth it in the end!

Marcel: I totally agree, you’ve got to keep on applying and don’t give up on the search! The right job for you could literally be the next one you apply for. It would drive me nuts if I found out my mate got the job I wanted instead of me, just because I didn’t bother applying!

  1. Make your CV stand out

Lucy: As well as being professional, most recruiters want to know a bit about your personality. They have to read so many CV’s each day that adding a cover letter or a little ‘about me’ section could make all the difference.

Marcel: If you like a bit of banter, and you’re applying for a marketing or creative job, then you want that to come through in your CV. I’d crack a joke if it was me (or a rhyme!)

  1. Have a social media spring clean

Lucy: It’s so important that you have a clear up of your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. before sending out your applications. Recruiters can just pop your name into Google and find all about you… first impressions count.

Marcel: Clear up your social media and remove/hide all of those photos of you and your pals on boozy holidays! You want to keep your private life private, especially during the job hunt.

  1. Prepare for the interview

Lucy: Once you’ve got the interview, do as much research about the company and job as you can. They’re bound to ask you what you know about the company so far, so it’s always good to have a little answer prepared.

Marcel: You’ll feel so much more comfortable if you know a bit about the company before you go to the interview. Just have a cheeky Google and check out their Instagram so you can go armed knowing what they’re up to.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Lucy: Take a friend for coffee and ask them to play the role of interviewer, asking you the questions you think may come up at your next interview. You may feel a bit silly, but you’ll be so much more prepared for the real deal when it comes round to it – and that’s what friends are for, right?

Marcel: Sit in front of the mirror or grab a mate and act out your interview. You might feel a bit of a plonker but you know, practice makes perfect!

Find out how Lucy and Marcel got on when we challenged them to trial some jobs from Gumtree in the video below.



Did you find Lucy and Marcel’s tips useful? What’s your secret to success when applying for a new job? Let us know in the comments below.





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