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Now your dream car is one click away

Friday 29 November 2013, by

We know that when you’re buying or selling a car, you want to do it quickly. Well, now on Gumtree, you can.

As well as being able to e-mail or call car sellers on our site, you can now simply make them an offer using our new feature.


All you have to do is find the car you want and enter the price you want to offer and your e-mail address. This means that you can reply to ads much more quickly and avoid missing out on that Vauxhall Astra you’ve been looking for.

It’s also great news if you’re selling your car. You should see a lot more replies in a much shorter time, meaning that getting trading in your Ford Focus will be that little bit easier.

Why not try it out? We’d love to hear your feedback, you can always tweet us @gumtree or send us an e-mail.

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