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Look out for fake emails, friends!

Monday 21 January 2013, by

From time to time we see a number of fake emails targeting the Gumtree community. This is a sneaky tactic called ‘Phishing’ and with your help, we want to reduce the number of people who get caught by these fraudsters.

If you ever receive an email that claims to be from Gumtree and that asks you to reply or follow a link to provide personal information, you should treat this as a fake – we’d NEVER ask for this information by email. Company logos, email templates and website pages can be easily copied, so you’re right to suspect any emails that ask for your private details with a sense of urgency. You can find some further tips on how to spot a fake email here, and we’re a proud partner of Get Safe Online if you want to read more information on their website.

If you do receive an email like this please send it to the Gumtree Support Team on If you want to know any more, simply tweet us @gumtree – we’re here to help.

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