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Thursday 15 May 2014, by

With a great summer of sport and more music festivals than ever before, it’s no surprise that we have thousands of users looking for a great deal on tickets. However, it’s important that when you’re looking on Gumtree for last-minute tickets to see a band or an event, that you make sure you’re getting what you actually pay for.

The National Fraud Authority estimated that ticket fraud cost victims over £3.7m last year. But it’s not just the about the money. We’d hate you to be robbed of the opportunity to see Beyoncé singing ‘Crazy in love’ live or a chance to see a top cricket match.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) is launching a focus week on ticketing fraud starting today. To play our part, here are some of our top tips to ensure that you buy and sell tickets safely:

· Always meet face-to-face with the seller in a safe, public environment. Then you can check the tickets are real.
· Try to ask all the right questions about the tickets: What’s the face value and seat number? Why they are being sold?
· Check that the tickets can be resold – our advice is to always independently check the re-sale terms of the event before buying.
· Make sure that tickets for the event have already been issued before you pay for them – some events like Glastonbury have very specific rules and release their tickets quite close to the event date.

You should also look out for any dodgy behaviour when it comes to buying tickets. For instance, if:

· The seller refuses to meet face-to-face
· The seller asks that you pay for the tickets before you have received them
· The seller tries to direct you to an external website

We hope that helps. If you want further advice further advice on buying tickets, we’d also recommend a visit to our partner,

This week, you can also join a Twitter Q&A session on fraud with the National Police Lead for Economic Crime, Commander Stephen Head. It’s on Tuesday May 20th from 11am – 12pm, and will use the hashtags #InFocus and #TicketFraud.

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