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It’s another Gumtree Moment on BT Sport

Tuesday 18 August 2015, by

August is here, and that means football is back on TV! Whether you’re a die-hard fan, or a passive observer, it’s impossible to stay away from the Barclays Premier League.
This season promises to be spectacular, we’ve already seen some amazing goals and unexpected results in the first weekend alone.

This season is also going to be spectacular for another reason, and that’s because we are sponsoring all Premier League coverage on BT Sport. You may already have spotted some of our ads if you tuned into the Manchester United vs Spurs game on Saturday.

We enlisted the help of BT Sport duo Robbie Savage and Darren Fletcher to voice the ads which all celebrate our Motors marketplace. Thanks to all of you, we are currently the UK’s number one private car marketplace. Last year, we saw over 6.2 million ads listed and an average of 17,000 new cars for sale every day. That’s a lot of cars!

Fletch & Sav add football commentary to scenes that will be familiar to most car owners. From the highs of executing the perfect parallel park, to the frustration of a pigeon leaving a present on your windscreen right after you’ve washed it, our ads acknowledge the funny, heart-warming, ecstatic and sometimes irritating aspects of having a car.

Check out some of the ads below and on our YouTube channel. Expect to see more throughout the season.

Tweet us at @Gumtree to let us know your favourites.

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