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Our Bargain-Tracking iPad Price Infographic

Tuesday 31 May 2011, by

The iPad: that modern talisman of desirable, must-have tech. But maybe you’re one of those folk who thinks Apple’s revered tablet PC is out of their price range? Well, you’d be surprised. You see, from the moment the iPad 2 was rumoured, we at Gumtree HQ noticed a dramatic boom in listings selling the original iPad – peaking at the launch of Apple’s popular tablet computer in late March. Given we know just how much our users love a bargain, we started trawling through all our listings data since the launch of the iPad 2 to uncover just where savvy shoppers  can find the cheapest iPads in the UK. And as you can see from our infographic, we learned some surprising things. Things like:

ipad Infographic

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  • Did you know 44.2% of all iPads for sale are in London? Tweet this
  • The most expensive place in the UK for an iPad 2 is Bradford at £849 – Tweet This
  • The cheapest place online to buy an iPad 2 is Exeter at £323.33 – Tweet This
  • Avg. iPad price in the North UK is £385.80 vs the South’s £410.39 – Tweet This
  • Did you know the average price of iPad’s in Scotland is £370.18 – Tweet This
  • Did you know the average price of iPad’s in Wales is £386.46 – Tweet This
  • Did you know the average price of iPad’s in England is £402.21 – Tweet This
  • Did you know it’s cheaper to buy an iPad 2 in Exeter than any iPad in the UK? – Tweet This
  • 55.9% of all iPads 2 are sold in London – Tweet This

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