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Improve your property ad with these top tips

Thursday 13 December 2018, by

When it comes to the business of new homes, the property industry can be daunting for landlords and tenants alike. A standout listing that’s complimentary yet honest is the best way to ensure the property hunting process is as seamless as possible. Below, we’ve rounded up a few top tips that should help you get connected to the right tenant in no time.


Give a clear picture

Potential tenants often ignore the “don’t judge a book by its cover” principle, and rightfully so – a property’s photos are the first things they’ll look at and the key to generating interest in your ad. Luckily, a smartphone and a few photo-taking fundamentals are all you’ll need to get the perfect shot.

Before taking any photos, make sure every room is clean and clutter-free. It helps to clear away any oddities or bric-a-brac: a minimalist room allows for potential tenants to project their lifestyle onto your property.

Good lighting is also key. Make sure you take your photos when it’s daytime, and with the curtains open to let as much light in as possible. The aim is to depict your property in as flattering a light (literally) as possible.

Another flattering photo-taking best practice tip is to take photos of your room from above and in landscape mode. Stand from a vantage point that will get the biggest breadth of the room in one shot, such as a corner. One photo per room should be enough to pique potential tenants’ interest.

When it comes to picking your featured image – the thumbnail that will appear next to the listing – choose wisely. Although many property agencies choose to make an exterior shot their lead photo, tenants tend to be most interested in interior shots. A photo of the kitchen or a common area is a good idea in terms of capturing the general look and feel of the property.


Don’t forget the floor plan

Floor plans help potential tenants get a feel for the property’s layout and how much space is available. If you have one on hand, include it – it’ll save you the task of fielding questions about square footage from interested parties later.


Make your description clear

Writing a clear and concise description is a great opportunity to mention any special features and characteristics about the property that make it unique, and that are not easily apparent in photos. It’s best to break these down into bullet points so they are easy to skim for those who are after specific features.

En-suite bathrooms, parking, bills included and recent renovations are all selling points that future tenants will be interested in. It’s also a good opportunity to touch on neighbourhood highlights, such as proximity to schools, food shops and local amenities.

You should also mention when the property will be available and whether you’re posting an agency letting. Legally, you can only claim you’re a private landlord if you actually are one.

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