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How to impress at your job interview

Wednesday 15 September 2010, by

Follow Rugby Recruitment's job interview tipsLooking for a job? We asked Rugby Recruitment, in the business of supplying staff to local companies since 1988, for some top tips on how to impress at your next job interview:

1.    Get the time right
There’s nothing worse than turning up late or on the wrong day. Get the time right and double check the day before (it shows that you want the job). The world isn’t perfect, so leave more time than you think to get to the interview – there might be traffic or an unexpected bus delay. If you’re going to be late, keep a contact name and number to inform them. Don’t wait until the time of the interview.

2.    Do your homework
Look the employer’s website and get a feel for the culture, products and values of the organisation. You can link this to your responses to make them more specific to the job and business.

3.    Anticipate questions
Think technical experience, practical examples and culture. Think about the questions they could ask you based on the job description and essential experience. Don’t just focus on technical skills and qualifications. More importantly, they’ll want practical examples like,

“A time when you…”

“An example of when you have worked/dealt with a…”

They’ll be looking for people who can fit in the team too, so think of teams you’ve worked with, and what keywords would describe you, like passionate, approachable, focused, sociable, organiser.

4.    Think about your weaknesses
An interviewer is more than likely to ask you to describe any weaknesses. You should prepare just a couple (nothing too negative) and they’ll appreciate your honesty. Just make sure whatever you bring up has been remedied and that you can explain how you’ve overcome this weakness.

5.    Run through this checklist

  • Be honest – there’s no point lying about your background or skills
  • Make a great first impression (be polite and smile!)
  • Check your CV for possible time gaps so you don’t panic when they ask ‘Why?’
  • Mention specific achievements
  • Don’t babble and be conscious of time
  • Add something unique (don’t be afraid to stand out – if you’re applying for a Customer Service Officer role, you might make a mystery call and write down your experiences and how you felt as a potential customer)
  • Always bring a spare CV and photo (they’ll remember you then!)
  • Don’t be nervous or pessimistic. This process is as much for you as it is for them
  • Be on time! Oh yes we’ve mentioned this, but it’s so important
  • Finally, don’t give up. There’s a perfect match out there.

One last thing…
The best form of advertising is by recommendation. By being professional and thorough, our clients and candidates often recommend our services to friends, family and colleagues, giving us to access to candidates that many of our competitors do not reach. If you’re looking for a job, or if you’re looking to hire someone, drop in a comment or question on this blog post.

Rugby Recruitment supplies candidates to companies based in Coventry, Leicester, Daventry, Lutterworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Kettering, Northampton and all of the surrounding areas in the UK.

Find out more by calling 01788 541601 or visit their website.

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