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How to #ClearOutCashIn in time for Black Friday

Friday 3 November 2017, by

It’s Black Friday and you’ve found an awesome deal on a 4K TV.

Your old one is…ok.

But you just KNOW that this is the TV for you!

Sounds familiar?

We know that everyone loves a bargain and we’re certainly all about helping people find great deals at Gumtree, but we also know that days like Black Friday can add to the unwanted clutter we hide away in our cupboards and garages! That’s why this year, we’re championing clearing out and cashing in before you hit the sales.

How does it work? It’s simple, sell one item that you no longer need to make room for one that you do. Here are our 5 easy steps to #ClearOutCashIn.

Step 1

Begin by putting pen to paper and writing a list of all of the rooms in your house that you think need sorting. Don’t forget to include the garage, any storage cupboards and even the car!

Step 2

We’re all guilty of an impulse buy or two. Take that discounted waffle maker you saw in the sale last year as an example. It was exactly what your kitchen needed at the time, right? As a good rule of thumb, if it’s still in its box or hasn’t been used in a year then it’s time to sell it.

Step 3

Once you’ve made your lists of things you haven’t used in a while it’s time to take a look and see which things are still in good condition to sell. Sort your books, gadgets, clothing and appliances into two piles – bin and sell.

Step 4 

Begin listing everything in the sell pile on Gumtree for free! Head on over and start to cash in, ready for your Black Friday deals.

Step 5

 Fancy a FREE boost to your listing? Tweet @Gumtree your listing and include the hashtag #ClearOutCashIn and we’ll bump up your listing to help you clear out and cash in even quicker!


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