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How the Carbon Calculator Works

Wednesday 30 September 2020, by

The data for Gumtree’s carbon emission saving’s calculator is taken from the official UK Government analysis of the carbon footprint of UK residents. It is available to view online here:

The statistics are provided using a model, developed at the University of Leeds, that calculates the embodied Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) associated with the production of all goods and services consumed in the UK. This provides a conversion factor that provides an understanding of embodied GHG emissions of spending £1 of a given product.

The factors are for products supplied for consumption in the UK, but do take account of the emissions relating to the production of products imported for intermediate consumption (i.e. those products that are used by UK industries in the process of supplying products for consumption in the UK). The estimates do not incorporate any allowance for emissions relating to the formation of capital assets, whether in the UK or overseas.

Individual product prices have been calculated according to research on approximate estimates of average spend on each item in the UK.

* Disclaimer – The data provides an average carbon footprint for the product and does take into account that there could be any variation within the sector dependent on the specific product or brand. It is a rough indication of the carbon footprint associated with this product.


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