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Have a more sustainable Christmas with Gumtree’s Second-Hand Gift Guide

Wednesday 4 December 2019, by

It’s almost Christmas. Have you got your presents sorted yet? If not, then perhaps we can tempt you to think about shopping second-hand? While traditionally many buy new treats to celebrate the season, our research shows that this year more than a quarter (26%) are planning to buy pre-owned gifts, often driven by the desire to be more sustainable.

So, in a bid to inspire everyone to buy better this Christmas, Gumtree has teamed up with sustainability expert Besma Whayeb to create the ultimate second-hand gift guide, available for download here.

Besma used Gumtree to source all the items in the guide, showing how easy it is to find great gifts for everyone on your list, be they music lovers or keen cooks. She blitzed her list in just seven days, got some real bargains (with some added extras thrown in) and met some lovely people along the way.

Below are her top tips to ensure you get the best items in the best condition and at the best prices:

  1. Go for gifts that match personal interests. Instead of opting for generic or cliched presents, consider a more bespoke gift. Are they a gamer, a budding chef, or perhaps a hiker on the weekends? You can often find items to complement hobbies at a much better price than you would first-hand, and without creating a negative environmental impact.
  2. Shop locally using the ‘nearest first’ tool. One of the best features on Gumtree is the ability to sort items by the distance from your home. The more local the item is, the lower your carbon footprint, the easier the pick-up and all the while you’re keeping things in the community.
  3. Research each potential gift before making an offer. Make sure you know the RRP, the age of the item and if there are any accessories that should come with it. You can then check these points with the seller in advance of making an offer. A little friendly communication can ensure you get a fully-functional, perfect present – and they may even throw in added extras too.
  4. Set yourself a budget – and send offers for items out of your price range. Having a budget is key to getting items at a good price. However, don’t rule out sending a polite offer for items that are just outside of your price range. Across the gift guide, I managed to save over £120 by asking for small reductions here and there.
  5. Consider upcycling to personalise gifts. Buying an item specifically to upcycle it can result in a super special gift. For example, you could buy a garden lover a wooden bench, sand it, varnish it, and engrave it with their initials to make a bespoke present they’re unlikely to get elsewhere. Gumtree’s freebies section is always a good place to start.
  6. When you go to collect your item, take a bag with you. I always go prepared with a sturdy bag or two to make sure I can safely carry items home. It’s also a great way to reduce the need for unnecessary shipping and packaging.

Ultimately, by shopping second-hand, you’re helping to create a more circular economy, reducing demand for new items and lowering your impact. It’s also a great way to get to know people in your local community. So remember, whether it’s fashion, homewares, toys or tech, make sure to check Gumtree to see what’s available local to you, all year round.

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