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Gumtree’s top 10 best-selling cars

Wednesday 19 September 2018, by

Which of the top 5 best-selling cars on Gumtree motors is the one for you? Watch the video to find out more about each model.

As well as the top 5, we also had a look at the top 10 motors on Gumtree! Let’s find out more about each model.

Ford Focus

  • Long-time best-seller and a favourite car among UK drivers
  • Good-looking, great to drive and affordable to buy and run
  • Available with a huge range of engine and trim options to suit all tastes and budgets
  • Great for young professionals and families alike
  • Sporting ST and RS models are true halo cars with passionate fanbases and class-leading performance


Vauxhall Astra

  • Another British best-seller available with a huge number of engine, bodystyle and trim options
  • Older versions are a little middle-of-the-road but more recent Astras are now a match for the Focus in terms of style
  • From police cars to repmobiles, Astras are the workhorses of the roads and built to handle hectic lives
  • British-built heritage appeals to those who want a car in tune with local tastes


Vauxhall Corsa

  • Affordable, unpretentious and an ideal second car for busy families
  • Popular with young drivers thanks to its cheap running costs and affordable insurance
  • Small, simple to drive and easy to park it’s a great choice for those running around towns and suburbs
  • Plenty of choice in the second-hand market so you’ll always be able to find one to suit your budget.


Ford Fiesta

  • Ford is a master of cars for everyday people and the Fiesta is a consistent best-seller
  • The classic first car, the Fiesta is reliable, cheap to maintain and affordable to run on a budget
  • Like all Fords the Fiesta is fun to drive in all its forms
  • Older versions are functional and practical while newer Fiestas have got a lot more stylish inside and out.


Volkswagen Golf

  • Arguably all the car you’ll ever actually need, there’s a Golf for everyone, whether it’s a hybrid or hot hatch GTI
  • Huge range of engines, trims and bodystyles to suit any motoring requirement
  • Small enough to use around town but refined and grown-up on long journeys too
  • Understated premium vibe has a classless appeal and great image without coming across as snooty or pushy.


BMW 3 Series

  • A company car favourite, the 3 Series has an upwardly mobile image and a sporty driving style honed over many generations
  • Broad engine range in both petrol and diesel all carefully configured to minimise business users’ tax liability
  • Classic saloon format has expanded to include Touring estate variants and two- and four-door coupes
  • Stylish, luxurious interior is well-appointed, comfortable over long distances and can be optioned with all the latest tech.


Ford Transit

  • The four-wheeled equivalent of a toolbelt, the Ford Transit is the default choice for workers in all manner of trades
  • Cheap to buy, affordable to run and tough as old boots, Transits can take a real beating and keep coming back for more
  • Available in various van, flatbed or minibus configurations to suit any number of tasks
  • Now expanding into a lifestyle choice to support families who need a practical vehicle to support outdoors activities like surfing or cycling.


Renault Clio

  • Renault has been building practical hatchbacks to fit with modern lives for decades and this experience shows
  • This stylish supermini has always been designed with younger drivers in mind and is a popular first car
  • As such it’s cheap to buy, affordable to run and commonly offered in eye-catching deals with snazzily-optioned special edition models
  • Small-capacity engines in newer Clios offer good performance in an insurance-friendly package, perfectly suited to young drivers


Vauxhall Zafira

  • 4x4s and SUVs now dominate the family car market but there’s still a place for MPVs or people carriers like the Zafira
  • Incredibly practical, with a small ‘footprint’ on the road but more efficient use of interior space
  • Flexible seating options especially suited to larger families struggling to fit three or more children into conventional cars
  • Lower stance makes it easier for loading children and shopping alike, underlining the Zafira’s suitability for hectic lives


Honda Civic

  • ­­The British-built Civic is famous for its practical use of interior space and Honda’s reputation for reliability
  • These qualities have traditionally made it a favourite for older buyers downsizing from bigger cars
  • While previous Civics were designed to appeal to this market recent versions have adopted a more radical, eye-catching look to attract younger buyers too
  • Smooth, refined engines in both petrol and diesel versions mean all Civics are fun to drive while high-performance Type R variants have a passionate enthusiast following


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