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Gumtree’s Tips to Beat Blue Monday

Monday 20 January 2014, by

Nope. We’re not here to tell you how you can write a better synth tune than the New Order classic. We’re talking about the dreaded January blues. Blue Monday is officially the most depressing day of the year. While researchers continue to argue whether Blue Monday is theoretically possible, and even argue over which day it is (is it the 6th or the 20th, science guys?) there’s no question that the first Monday back to work after all of that festive fun is a real buzz kill.

But don’t worry! This year, Gumtree’s here to help you beat those Monday blues. So forget all that Tweeting about your misery and get ready to turn that frown upside down. This is the start of a brand new year after all, and no matter how your resolutions are going there are plenty of ways to put a little spring in your step this month thanks to Gumtree’s cheery community of buyers, sellers and sharers!

Pick up a freebie

After all that Christmas spending, a fab freebie is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Whether you’re looking to revamp your living room with some fresh décor, make yourself over with a new winter wardrobe, or fancy escaping from it all with a good read and a warmth bath, check out Gumtree’s freebies section. You’ll be amazed what you can find being given away for free up and down the country.

Have a clear out

And our freebies section isn’t just for the taking – it’ a great place to give too. January’s the perfect time for a clear out, getting your house in order for the new year, and maybe getting rid of an unwanted Christmas jumper or two…. So get to grips with your clutter, as a clear living space means a clearer head – and the physical act of tidying up your bits and bobs will make you feel great too! You can give away items in our freebies section, swap them in our swap shop, or list them for sale to make a bit of welcome spending money for the new year.

Go to a gig

Nothing clears out the cobwebs like a good mosh! Check out Gumtree’s tickets section for the latest gig tickets in your area. Music really does nourish the soul, and whether you’re checking out an up and coming singer songwriter, pogo-ing down the front at a sweaty punk gig, or dancing cheek-to-cheek with your other half at a big band soiree, a night out on the town with the right tunes is guaranteed to make anybody feel better – and Gumtree will help you find your tickets at a bargain price too!

Meet new friends

Gumtree isn’t just about buying and selling. Our community section is buzzing with people who love to make things happen in their local area. From volunteering to book clubs, gardening meetings to knitting groups, you’ll find loads of places to meet new friends through this Gumtree section. If you have a hobby you want to share, why not start the search for people in your neighbourhood who share it? And if there isn’t a group for you in your area yet, why not start your own.

Get active

Exercise is incredibly powerful medicine when it comes to beating the blues. Raising your heartrate even just a little helps to boost those serotonin levels and get you feeling energized and happy again. Gumtree’s a great place to get your get fit plans in shape this year. Head to our community section to find out about what exercise classes are taking place in your area – karate, yoga, running, rugby, you’ll find it all here. And our for sale section is bursting with sports equipment looking for a new home too – from running machines to mountain bikes, it’s easy to get active with a Gumtree bargain.

Start a band

If you’ve got a musical talent, don’t hide it away. Make this the year you get out and share it. Bands are started up every single day across the UK thanks to Gumtree’s music section. It’s a great place to advertise your own musical abilities for free, or to look for likeminded musos in your area. Think you could be the next Beatles, but you need a Ringo? Or maybe you’re a wandering minstrel looking for a gang to sing with – Gumtree’s the place to get it together.

Quit your job!

A new year a new you. Did you know you can advertise your own job skills on Gumtree for free? Freelancers up and down the country are already using Gumtree’s job section as a place to source work and further clients. Or maybe you just want to do a bit of research into the kind of alternative careers there are out there for you. Browsing Gumtree’s job section is sure to give you some ideas.

Learn something new

Got a Spanish holiday coming up this year? Maybe you’re getting married and would love to learn how to tango in time for your first dance? Want to brush up on your cookery skills, or get that garden spruced up? Gumtree’s classes sections is sure to have something to offer. Learning a new skill is a surefire way to keep the blues well at bay, focusing the mind, increasing self-confidence, and firing up new brain connections that keep your mind and memory strong. Have a browse and see what courses whet your appetite in your local area!

What are you doing to keep the Blue Monday blue away this year? Has Gumtree helped you raise a smile already? Let us know your tips for cheering up this winter, and help our Gumtree followers beat those blues today.

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