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Gumtree introduces NEW GumTea

Wednesday 1 April 2015, by
0 shares, the UK’s number one listing website, is today launching it’s range of innovative teas, GumTea, which have been scientifically proven to whiten teeth and combat bad breath.  A recent survey, commissioned by the classifieds website, revealed a staggering 64% of buyers* are worried about poor oral hygiene when faced with the seller to hand over their cash.

Created to keep breath fresh for up to 24 hours, the new range promises to boost the seller’s confidence for those all important face-to-face purchases, ensuring that buyers aren’t put off by the wrong sort of smile.

Sofia Prillo, Head of Product Development, commented:

“First impressions really count, especially in a commercial marketplace. After conducting our research of our buyers, we found that one of the most important impressions for them, other than the initial online ad itself, was of cleanliness and hygiene and more specifically, fresh breath.”

As a nation which prides itself on a good brew, and with over 23 British tea brands already available across the UK, the Gumtree product team wanted to develop a range of ‘super-seller’ teas, which stood head and shoulders above the rest and combined the minty freshness of gum with the pleasure of a good old British cuppa.

Sophia Frillo continued:

“As a leading classifieds website, we pride ourselves on ease-of-use for both parties, and our sales support team are dedicated in delivering the best service possible. Once we discovered the lasting effects of Eucalyptus on breath freshness, we knew that it made sense to develop our own range of teas to help push that final handshake through with a confident smile.”

About GumTea

GumTea is made from the leaves of the Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Piperita), the ‘Gum Tree’ after which the site is named, because its essential oil smells so similar to that of Peppermint (Mentha Piperita). The difference is that while peppermint freshens your breath only temporarily, Eucalyptus creates a freshness that lasts. It kills the bacteria that causes odours and cleanses the mouth completely, like a toothbrush in a cup! Not only that but it tastes delicious too!

GumTea comes in packs of 50 (RRP: £2.99) and 100 (RRP: £4.99) and will be available to buy online at from May 1st.

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