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Guest Blogs From 3 Famous Mums!

Monday 25 March 2013, by

Gumtree has always been a great place for mums to find what they need, especially those trying to save a few quid.

So we’ve invited three mummy bloggers for their top tips:

Vicki Psarias 

The Honest Mum blog is the honest and funny musings of a filmmaker and mum of two featuring posts on everything from family friendly recipes to surviving the nursery/ school run!

Kids can definitely be expensive so my money saving tip is to buy and then sell items again, online. We’ve found fantastic bargains on playhouses and baby walkers that were in great condition and with a quick clean were ready for use with our little ones.!

Gill Crawshaw 

Gill writes A Baby on Board, a blog all about being a new mum in London, covering everything from baby clothes to breastfeeding.

“Buying second hand can be a great way of saving money when you have a baby, especially when you’re on a tighter maternity leave budget. While there are some things you should always buy new, such as cot mattresses and car seats, there are many things that you can pick up cheaply if you hunt around.

We bought and sold lots of newborn clothes second-hand. Children grow so quickly that most of the early clothes don’t get worn much; indeed, lots of the outfits hadn’t been worn at all. I love buying children’s books, and always take a look to buy second-hand.

 Mirka Moore 

Mirka writes a blog called All Baby Advice, with advice about bringing her two daughters bilingually without my family who live in the Czech Republic.

“Becoming a parent is such an amazing experience, and I am very lucky to have two gorgeous daughters. One of them is soon turning 6 years, and the other one has just turned 1. During these years I have realised how much money parents spend on their children. As a stay-at-home mum and a blogger, I have decided I needed to start thinking more about where the money really needs to be spent.

Buying second hand products had never been my thing, but my friends did it on a regular basis and thanks to them, I also decided to try this option. This can save you hundreds even thousands of pounds! I don’t think there is anything wrong with buying a second hand pushchair or a baby monitor, or many other items. Once you stop using any baby or toddler products, you can again sell them as second hand and get some money back again!

One thing I wouldn’t be comfortable with is buying a second hand car seat unless from your good friend or family. I know car seats can be expensive, but I always bought ours when they were in the half price sale. You can have it stored at home, and start using it once you need it.

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