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Guest blog post with Justine Pannett, RSPCA

Monday 27 February 2012, by

A guest post from Justine Pannett, Get Puppy Smart Campaign Manager at the RSPCA talking about pedigree dogs.

Don’t be fooled by a ‘pedigree’ dog

What do you look for when choosing a puppy? Looks, size, breed perhaps? And how do you know that you’re getting a puppy that’s been well bred and will make a good all- round family pet?

Research carried out by the RSPCA shows that many people see ‘pedigree’ as a sign of quality – and that it will mean that their puppy will have been well bred.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a pedigree dog – many people have a favourite breed – but buying a puppy that comes with a pedigree certificate is not a guarantee that it has been well bred or will be suitable with children.

In fact, all a pedigree certificate tells you is who the puppy’s parents and grandparents are – it’s exactly the same as when you register a newborn baby.

We think that some rogue breeders and puppy traders are using terms like ‘Kennel Club registered’ to sell their puppies. For this reason we’ve produced a simple guide to help puppy buyers understand what the term ‘pedigree’ does, and more importantly, doesn’t mean.

Find out more here.

Justine Pannett, RSPCA

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