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Guest blog post – Justine Pannett, RSPCA

Tuesday 10 May 2011, by

A guest post from Justine Pannett, Get Puppy Smart Campaign Manager at the RSPCA

We’ve worked with for a number of years now, helping them with posting rules for the pets category, and consulting on important issues such as sharing up-to-date details about banned breeds of dogs.

We recognise that many people will use the internet to find a pet but some websites are a lot less scrupulous than others.

We know that Gumtree takes this issue very seriously which is why we recently chose to partner with the site on our Get Puppy Smart campaign to help pet owners make the right choices when it comes to buying a puppy.  We have links to our Puppy Smart site across the pet section of Gumtree, and everyone that responds to an ad to get a puppy through the site automatically receives an email from Gumtree with tips, advice, and a link to our Puppy Smart website.

When looking to get a puppy, we recommend:

  • Always see the puppy with its mother in the place where it was bred
  • Check the puppy’s age – a puppy should be at least eight weeks old before leaving its mother
  • Check vaccination records and  any other papers carefully
  • Ask lots of questions about and observe how the mother behaves towards you – does she greet you in a calm and friendly manner.
  • Do think about adopting a dog rather than buying a puppy – could you give a home to an unwanted dog?

For more information on how to find the right puppy for you please visit the Get Puppy Smart Website.

Justine Pannett, RSPCA


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