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Guest blog post from Jamie Breese, declutter expert

Thursday 22 March 2012, by

Declutter expert Jamie Breese who has presented TV shows including BBC2’s popular The Life Laundry, explains how to cash in on your unwanted goods using

Do you wish that you had more space at home?

Are your cupboards bursting to the brim?

Is your clutter taking over your life?


If the answer to any of the above is yes, then you have come to the right place!


I’m an expert ‘declutterer’ and have hundreds of stories about households all over the country that have been swamped with unwanted or unused items.  But the good news is that help is at hand – follow my top tips below and you can turn your clutter into cash!


With the Easter long weekend just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get up, have a rummage and a clear out, and then cash up.  The really good thing about sites like is that they are quick, easy, and free to sell items.  In the blink of an eye you can create an ad to sell your unwanted items, and the beauty of Gumtree is that there is likely to be someone local to you looking for exactly what you are selling – even if the item is broken or in need of a little TLC.


In my experience, the vast majority of UK households just aren’t aware of just how much value is sitting in their cupboards and hiding under their beds. has worked out that the average British household could make up to £3,500 by selling their unwanted goods and clutter online.  That’s a tidy sum, so you should definitely make an effort to liquidate your unwanted assets.


What’s also worrying is that we’re getting increasingly inventive (read: desperate) when it comes to stashing away our clutter. Washing machines, car boots and even bathtubs are becoming more popular as Brits run out of space around the home to hide their hoarding.

So here are my top tips for clearing your house of clutter and converting it to cash this spring. You better hop to it!


  • Don’t feel guilty about letting go of items that you received as presents – it’s amazing how good you feel when you get extra cash for that ‘unwanted gift’


  • Set aside a weekend to clear out your clutter – it can take a while to sort through your clutter and decide what you want to sell.  But you’ll feel better about it if you do it all in one session and the quicker you sort it, the quicker you can start to make money


  • Sell items with the instruction manual if you still have it to get extra value – this is especially important for technology items or gadgets and kitchen appliances. Think ahead when you first purchase items too and make sure you keep the manual somewhere you can find it – even if you personally don’t need it


  • Group lower-value items and sell as a job lot – so rather than selling dozens of books individually, group them together.  You can do the same with a toaster, kettle and sandwich maker.  Not only could this add appeal, but it saves you time as you only have to sell once


  • Sell things in-season – more people are likely to be interested in buying a sun lounger or a barbecue at the start of summer than in middle of winter – so not only will you get more interest, but you’ll most likely be able to get more money for your item too


  • Look for first editions or rare albums – books and music are some of the most hoarded items in the UK, so if a book has a dust jacket or is a first edition, then it could be worth a lot of money


  • Present the product well – to get the most from your Gumtree gem, give the item a good clean or polish and present it well in your photos as this will help catch the eye of potential buyers. You wouldn’t buy something if it was grubby and it works the other way around!


  • Consider how old the item is – to help determine your Gumtree price, ask yourself – is this a trusted brand, how old is it, and how much did it cost new?  A mobile phone which  was worth £300 new may only be worth £30 now as technology can move fast, so as a general rule, the newer the item, the higher the proportion of its original value you can ask for 


  • Compare prices on – see how much other sellers have listed their items for to help guide you. If you want a quick sale – offer a better price


  • Have an open mind – just because you don’t want an item anymore or it doesn’t work, don’t assume that no one else will want it or be able to fix it.  Remember than one person’s cast-offs can be another person’s treasure!


Win a declutter session with Jamie

If you get to the bottom of this list and still need some more help, email for the chance to win a visit from me to help you with your clutter.  From unearthing hidden gems through to helping you value your unwanted items, I will be at your disposal to help you with your clutter.  Just tell Gumtree why you deserve to win this prize and leave the rest to us! Be sure to include details like how much clutter you have, the most random places your clutter has gathered, and how this affects your everyday life!  You never know, I could be popping around for a cup of tea and a rummage through your rooms sometime soon!


Jamie Breese.



Gumtree “Declutter” Competition -Terms and Conditions

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