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Wednesday 20 March 2013, by

We invited our friend at Baby Budgeting  to give us her best tips for clearing out her clutter

It’s time to spring clean! And to prepare for this we are in the process of a mass declutter.

We have started upstairs and are working our way down. It’s long overdue, we have just been so busy and reluctant to make decisions that items have piled upon items – and as a result I probably have enough bed linen for a 10-bedroom house!

We’ve been sorting, mending and organising as we go along; it’s been hard work but so rewarding. Everything in the wardrobes is now manageable and wearable. I’ve even found some designer shirts that I have put to one side to sell on Gumtree.

After clothes and bed linen came excessive toiletries – many past their best. Children’s toys were also in abundance but lots with broken or lost bits that just needed throwing away. Many others we gave to friends with younger kids.

So far what I have to sell are four very good designer shirts and a child’s guitar, although I am trying to persuade him to stick with it! I am hoping to make about £60, and we still have all the CDs and DVDs to go through.

This is my first time using Gumtree, so to start me off, I just watched this easy peasy ‘how to’ video and registered, and I am ready to go.  Now I just need to re-wash, iron and photograph those shirts.

There’s an iPhone app you can download here so you can sell your unwanted items whilst on the go – it’ll give me something to do while I am watching the endless football matches my son plays and I stand freezing on the sidelines.

Decluttering has made our home look better; I found some forgotten goodies to sell and it’s definitely put a spring in my step.

Gumtree? Well that’s the easy part. It’s the spring cleaning bit I’m dreading…

Why not come over to my own blog Baby Budgeting to see my top 5 tips to decluttering?

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