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From Gumtree To Hollywood!

Thursday 7 February 2013, by

How’s this for some movie magic…? Gumtree just played a part in getting one of our users a role in the latest hit movie, Les Miserables!

John Neville, a former engineer, decided to pursue his dream career at the age of 62 after finding a job ad on Gumtree that was looking for film extras. He signed up immediately and much to his surprise, he bagged himself a role in Les Miserables just a few weeks later.

John told us, “I had a call on Monday asking me to go for a fitting for ‘Les Mis’ the following day. By Thursday, I was rubbing shoulders with Helena Bonham Carter and Amanda Seyfried. Talk about a dream come true!”

As a top-hatted guest in the movie’s wedding scene, John jokes that if you “blink then you’ll miss me”, but says that since spotting the ad on Gumtree, the acting work is flowing in. He is now signed up to several agencies and has landed roles in a Channel 4 comedy, an ITV drama, a coffee advert – and even a role in the Muppet Movie.

We wish John all the best in his future roles and hope he doesn’t forget where it all began – another Gumtree success!

And if you’re looking for a new job – or something on the side, check our jobs section and see where it takes you!

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