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Find the perfect gift with our Secret Santa Solver

Monday 11 November 2013, by

Have you ever had to buy a Secret Santa gift for Helen from finance? Need something unique to put under the tree for your Uncle Steve? Well, Gumtree’s here to help.

At this time of year we see a huge spike in ads below £20 posted in our For Sale category, making Gumtree the place to go for the perfect Secret Santa gift. On top of this, we’ve decided to make things even easier for you this year.

We’ve launched our Secret Santa Solver game, which helps you find gifts under £20 in your local area. All you have to do is pull the handle on our festive fruit machine to browse almost 400,000 items priced at £20 or less. You may also be in with a chance to win £500, just match up three identical Christmas items on the slot machine, and your name will go into the prize draw!

Why not give it a try? We hope it’ll make your search for the perfect Secret Santa present much more fun and easy.

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