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Fantasy Motors – The Rightback

Monday 14 September 2015, by

The season so far has already given us some big upsets and some high-scoring encounters; some big name players have yet to shine their brightest, while a few newcomers have made headlines.

We’ve taken a look at some of the best motors listed on Gumtree to select our starting 11. Next up is the right full-back position. Here are our three top choices for the right side of our defence.

Land Rover Defender

The clue is in the name. Attackers tremble at the solid and reliable performances put in by the veteran Land Rover.

The Defender suits the full-back role as it lives up to the many functions asked of it; with pace and 120 bhp going forward, its versatility includes soft- or hard-tops, and single or double-top pickups.

With a wheelbase up to 130, opposition rarely stretch the Defender, making it a firm favourite from grass-roots levels up.

Chrysler Cruiser

An unorthodox choice, the American auto combines flashy bodywork with the confidence to contain up to five people comfortably.

Boasting up to 47 mpg and a tank that holds 57 litres, there’s no questioning the stamina the Cruiser has. It will spend the full 90 minutes overtaking it’s right midfielder for the return pass.

The Cruiser is a sure-footed drive, handles well in attack and tracks back well with folding rear seats.

Chevrolet Matiz

The nippy, little Matiz is built in the modern style of right-backs: less height than the centre-backs, but agile and quick to suit the European leagues where it has been most successful.

Noted for it’s tight turning circle, the Matiz is perfect for parking into the smallest gaps left by opposite defenders.

Its 800CC engine, when combined with its lightweight frame, makes it the perfect motor for darting runs and covering the pitch box-to-box.

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